In downloading the materials from the American Standard Design Award official portal, the Participant hereby agrees to the following terms of participation:

  • Participants can only submit entry as an individual.
  • Only 1 submission per participant per category, but participants can participate in more than 1 category.
  • Any form of plagiarism will disqualify a participant from taking part in the contest. The participants will provide all information that LIXIL International Pte. Ltd. (“LIXIL”) may reasonably require to investigate any allegations or suspicions of plagiarism. LIXIL retains the sole discretion to determine whether an entry has been plagiarised and if so, whether it should be disqualified.
  • All submitted entries will become the intellectual property of LIXIL. The participants agree to do all that is necessary to effect this. The participants understand and agree that LIXIL and its affiliated entities may incorporate elements of submitted entries into the products and designs ofLIXIL and its affiliated companies, without further reference to the participants.
  • LIXIL retains the intellectual property in any information and materials provided to the participants before, during and after this contest. This includes, but is not limited to, the information and materials that may be downloaded from the American Standard Design Award official portal.
  • LIXIL reserves the right to disqualify an entry before, during or after thecontest judging at its sole discretion. In the case of disqualification afteran award ceremony, the participant will be required to return the awardand LIXIL may make a public announcement.
  • Decisions of the judges are final and binding and cannot be challengedunder any circumstances.
  • Participants understand that LIXIL may take and publish photographsduring the course of this competition, for publicity and related purposes(including but not limited to social media publications), and consent to thesame. The participants, in participating in this competition, further consentto LIXIL publishing their names, and their school names in marketing communication.
  • Participants are to keep login details confidential and safe. LIXIL will not beheld liable for any costs, damages or expenses that may result from any loss.
  • LIXIL holds the right to announce special awards for specific countries or atthe end of the contest at its sole discretion. Such award cannot be challenged or questioned under any circumstances
  • Participants understand that the onus in obtaining their school’s consent in relation to their participation in this competition lies on them, including but not limited to, obtaining their school’s consent to LIXIL mentioning their school’s name in publicity materials.
  • LIXIL will not be held responsible for any costs, damage, losses or expenses that may arise as a result of any failure in relation to or in connection with this. LIXIL reserves the right to elaborate, modify or change any of the Terms of Participation as necessary, at its sole discretion.