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Usage: A summary of your design concept in max 500 words
Design Entry Template
File type: PowerPoint
Usage: A 12-page guide to describe your design in details
American Standard
Bathroom Collections
Acacia SupaSleek
Inspired by architectural slim, Acacia SupaSleek™ now boasts an ultra-sleek edge for that sleeker, modern style with zero compromises on comfort and technology.
Acacia Evolution
Inspired by form and simplicity, Acacia Evolution’s design exhibits soft, thin edges. It is also technologically equipped with a powerful flushing system, anti-bacterial touch-points and other revolutionary enhancements.
A modern interpretation of a classic design – the epitome of timeless design and functionality.
Born from a medley of geometrical shapes, pillowed surfaces, and defined edges, the Signature™ Collection is a modern showcase of the brand’s three design Signature™ elements: Frame, Pillow, and Line
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