Participation Criteria

In order to participate in this competition, participants must be or must have been enrolled Architecture or Interior Design students as on launch date in at least their 2nd year or higher of study in schools or universities from these countries: Australia, Cambodia*, India, Laos*, Malaysia, Myanmar*, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

(* Participants from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar will be judged as one group. There will be only one set of National Winners within this one group.)

Judging Criteria
Criteria Weightage
Purposeful Design
Concept should address the needs of family members in multigenerational living, and participant should showcase how the bathroom space design and the choice of American Standard product addresses these needs.
Inviting Style
The design aesthetics should be inviting and appealing to the target audience.
The entry should showcase the participant's imagination while aiming for a unique solution. Participant should demonstrate the ability to look at the problems with a fresh perspective and an approach that is not influenced by what is already available.
The concept should be feasible and realistic allowing the implementation in the real-life scenario.

Note: Bonus points will be awarded for the use of recommended products (maximum of 5 points).

Judging Process

Qualified entries will be judged at 2 levels:
National Level and Asia-Pacific Level.

At the National level, the judging panel will evaluate the entries received from local participants. Regional competition will be conducted across Asia-Pacific and the 1st Prize Winners from each country will be evaluated by the Asia-Pacific Judging Panel to be awarded the Grand Prize Winner.

Your Submission
Level 1:
National Level Judging
National Level Judging
National Level Winners
The National Judging Panel will evaluate the submissions. A maximum of 10 best entries will be shortlisted. Shortlisted participants are to present their entries to the National Judging Panel. Judges will decide on the winners.
Level 2:
Asia-Pacific Level Judging
Asia-Pacific Level Judging
Asia-Pacific Level Winners
1st prize winner from each country will be invited to present to the Asia-Pacific Judging Panel. The panel will then announce Grand Prize Winner.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This year, American Standard Design Award (ASDA) seeks to uncover the power of design, to create not only a bathroom where one can return to recharge and rejuvenate but a space that is truly loved by everyone in the family. Students will be able to showcase their ideas and introduce the concepts through innovative designs that enable everyone to create a safe, hygienic and comfortable home that they love every day.

We are calling for aspiring design talents in the Asia-Pacific region to showcase their distinctive bathroom space designs and make your mark in the creative industry.

Participants must be enrolled architecture or interior design students in their 2nd year or higher in these countries. For the avoidance of doubt, persons who meet the aforementioned conditions, but graduate during the course of the Award, are eligible to participate.

  1. Australia
  2. Cambodia
  3. India
  4. Laos
  5. Malaysia
  6. Myanmar
  7. Philippines
  8. Singapore
  9. Thailand
  10. Vietnam

The theme of ASDA 2023 is ‘A Home to Love, a Space for Everyone’.

A home is where memories are made, laughter is shared and relationships are deepened. It is a shelter, a communal space that keeps us together and pushes us forward daily, both physically and emotionally. After all, a home is where the heart is.

This year, ASDA seeks to uncover the power of design, to create not only a bathroom where one can return to recharge and rejuvenate but a space that is truly loved by everyone in the family.

Multi-generational Bathroom: The current trend of multigenerational living under one roof presents a myriad of challenges and opportunities for designers to make a real, meaningful impact on family lives. Shared and multi-use spaces now form an integral part of the equation.

The design approach should balance ergonomics, safety, and convenience – especially for the elderly and children, to have a home catered to and loved by every family member.

With our target audience living in high-mass housing, bathroom aesthetics is also increasingly important to consumers as it is a place where they get ready for the challenges of the day and a place where they wind down and relax for the night

Participant can register their interest on the ASDA official portal

Upon registration, you will receive a login ID, password and unique participant ID which will give access to the Resource centre and will also be required for final entry submission.

Participant will need to download Design Entry Template (PPT file) in preparation of their entry. Download here.

Upon entry completion in the provided templates, participant needs to convert the files to PDF for submission.

Participant should refer to the Product List available and download the product list of his/ her respective country from the official ASDA portal. The students should use the Products from their own country list for the Bathroom Space Design.

Download the product list here

Participants can only submit their entry as an individual.

Final entry should include the following:

i. Design Entry (PDF format, max size: 10MB)
ii. Full Bathroom Rendering (JPG, max size: 10MB)

View the submission checklist here

Entry submission will be closed on 15th January 2023, for all participating countries.

The submission deadline is extended to 31st January 2023.

The Judging Panel comprises of architecture and design luminaries from the region, which include partners of established architectural firms, professional architects, and notable interior designers. Endowed with a wealth of experience, these industrial figures are inspiring thought leaders in their own right, imparting industrial insights through their discerning creative judgements.

Learn more about the judges here

Submitted entries will be judged at 2 levels: National Level and Asia-Pacific (APAC) level.

At the National level, the judging panel will evaluate the entries received from local participants. Upto 10 shortlisted entries for each award category will present to the national judging panel in person or via Zoom call. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be awarded.

Regional competition will be judged by Asia Pacific judging panel and the 1st Prize Winnersfrom each country will be invited to present their design concepts via Zoom call to compete for the Asia Pacific Grand Prize One APAC Grand Prize Winner will be awarded.

The entries will be judged on four criteria i.e. Purposeful Design, Inviting & Dependable Aesthetics, Originality and Feasibility with weightages of 40, 30, 20 and 10 respectively. The Purposeful Design criteria assesses concepts according to their relevance to the themes and how it addresses the target user’s needs with the proposed design and the choice of American Standard products, while Inviting & Dependable Aesthetics focuses on the inviting and dependable extent of the design aesthetics, while keeping the brand purpose in mind.

The Originality benchmark examines the participant’s imagination in presenting a unique solution, which should render an approach driven by a fresh perspective. Finally, the participant’s concept should be Feasible and realistic to enable practical implementation in real-life scenarios.

Find out more here

All Participants will receive Participation Certificates. Additionally, winners will receive an Award plaque. Under the National Awards held in each country, there will be 1st prize (USD 2,000), 2nd prize (USD 1,500), 3rd prize (USD 1,000) winners. Separately, at the Asia-Pacific Award level, which is judged regionally, there will be a Grand Prize of USD 3,000 for the Grand Prize Winner. He/she will also have a chance to attend the award ceremony in Singapore, with a half day tour of the LIXIL Design Centre.

We are targeting to announce National Award Winners on 28 April 2023 followed by Asia-Pacific winner announcement on 24 May 2023.