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Runner Up


Title: BAMBOO - Shape of Natural

Name: Phan Thị Ngọc Thúy

School: Ha Noi University of Industrial Fine Arts

Design Story
As society develops, people's lives change. Accompanying urbanization is the fact that people are increasingly moving away from nature, but the tendency to find a sense of belonging to nature has never stopped.

What is the inspiration for your design?
The space takes the main spirit from Bamboo - a tree familiar to Vietnamese people: Noble Minded - Simple - Rustic.

Who is the target user and how does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
The target audience is a family with a 6-year-old child, the space does not contain dangerous elements.

How does the design fulfill the theme for the chosen category?
Choose a typical space in apartments.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
Using green striped plywood reminiscent of green bamboo, combining Terrazzo and Zellige brick walls to create a rustic feeling.