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Name: Phạm Thị Phượng

School: Nguyen Trai University

Young people now seem to be reeling from the pressure of numbers. Urbanization leads toincreasingly narrowliving space, which requires each living space needbeingoptimized to save space. Since 2019, due totheoutbreak and spread of epidemic, the economy has been affected; at that time,along with the development of technology,choosing to work from home hasbecome more frequent. Consequently, the family bathroom, where we begin to prepare for a new day and relax at the end of the day,becomes one of themost used and important spaces.

God created man because He loves to hear stories. –Elie Wiesel

Design is the same, each design work has its own story to meet the needs of each homeowner. My my first criteria is my design high applicability in life, which solves problems for users.

My design object is a youngfamily with young children in the age of 4-8. Inspired by Urbanization, I want to bring a space in stark contrast to the bustling, stressful, and chaotic outside world. My design brings a simple but sophisticated bathroom space, integrating many functionsto save space and suitable for families with young children. Every corner is neatly designed, easy to use, especially safe for users. Despitelimitedspace,thanks for a delicate combination of colors and light to the meticulous attention to detail with a collection of dream bathroomfrom American Standard,it gives users a feeling of comfort, convenience and luxury

The bathroom area is only 5 (m2), so I used light-colored wall tiles,non-slip wooden imitation tiles for the bathroomand sanitary ware collectionAmerican Standard. I want to create a private space, bringing the owner's own featuresbut still ensure authenticity.

In addition, because the family has young children, the use of the bathroom will be very frequent and there will be a lot of children's furniture, so I use a closed towel cabinet with the same color as the wall color. There is enough space to store things for the whole family while ensuring the aesthetics of the common area.

That's my design story, I hope you will like it and think it's special.

Thank you for taking the time to read my design story. Sincerely thank you!