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3rd Prize


Title: Kalinaw: Where Comfort Meets Style

Name: Erika Mae Samaniego

School: University of Santo Tomas

What is the inspiration for your design?
The bathroom is the place where people clean their bodies, but it should also cleanse their minds. Also called as a “comfort room,” a bathroom should provide comfort to its users physically, emotionally, and mentally. Nature is the purest portal to inner-peace. Derived from the Filipino concept of “maaliwalas”, the bathroom was designed to achieve maximum comfort through the visual harmony of elements and proper spatial planning. Maaliwalas refers to clean, serene, and peaceful, which is the goal of the bathroom’s design—to help users clean their minds, find serenity, and achieve peace, even for just a moment from their busy lifestyle. These adjectives are mostly found in nature, which is why natural elements, such as wood, rattan, and indoor plants, were utilized in the design.

Who is the target user and how does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
The target user is a family with young kids between ages of 4 to 8. The bathroom is designed in such a way that it focused on comfort, being straightforward, and the maximizing the given space. The elements provided were for of all ages; not too funky nor too minimal. Moreover, the materials used were timeless to fit the taste of all ages. Since the bathroom will be used by young children, safety was another design consideration which was addressed through the layout of the plan and how the elements were arranged.

How does the design fulfill the theme for the chosen category?
Design dictates people and their attitude. Given that the modern times require a fast-paced lifestyle, people tend to get too overwhelmed. With the design concept of “maaliwalas,” the residential bathroom provides users a place of comfort and peace, away from their busy lives outside. In their bathroom, they can pause and reflect for a while, with the help of the natural elements present and the warm tones of the bathroom

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
With the users in mind, comfort should come first before the design. A beautifully designed bathroom is not functional if its comfort isn’t at par with the design. With the variety of choices from American Standard’s catalog, several products were specially chosen to top off the bathroom design. Comfort meets style with American Standards’ products wherein its sleek and timeless designs were accompanied by the latest technology to provide users with the comfort they deserve to have.