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1st Prize


Title: Flow: Transitioning to an Innovative Hospitality Design

Name: Oliver Jaison Juria

School: University of the Philippines Diliman

What is the inspiration for your design?
The inspiritation for my design is to achieve greater heights with the powerful capabilites of technology. Thus, the search for a solution for hospitality came to a close as I was drawing inspiration from technology’s innovative nature. As a passionate innovator, I wanted the design to be unusual and modern blended with natural principles of contrast and assymetry. A key objective of mine was to capture movement through curves and of couse the open layout of the design. Users should feel freedom in their movement while being comfortable by being safe.

Who is the target user and how does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
The target user is everyone. I wanted to design a luxurous atmosphere for a bathroom not for the hypothetical user of the brief which are hotel clients. I wanted to look at it a broader approach. Since it is a human right for each and every one of us to have quality health. The standard for me should be at the highest level. This includes maximizing comfort while minimizing danger zones. “Luxury is the intrinsic demand of the fulfilment of desires”. Therefore, luxury and everyday life especially in design is autonomous.

How does the design fulfill the theme for the chosen category?
Since there are heightened requirements for all of our spaces towards hygene propers. Flowing through this transition provides us with a better outlook on how we should approach this problem. Better health is mandated by the users to ensure safety and comfort. A bathroom is an essential space therefore making it a centerground to innovate design solutions. Integrating steadiness and continuity in design, especially in our daily lives important in these shakey times. Transitioning is essential but flowing with innovative and inviting purpose is the key towards a user-centric world of design.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
The choice of products really determined the flexibility of how I designed the space. The pieces speak for itself as it generally provided with what the users need. So in order to innovate, I had to focus more on designing the space that these products can call home. Then and only then, will we tranform the way we live, for the space will bring the true spirit of purposeful design.