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Runner Up

Title: Space-Efficient Contemporary Condominium Family Bathroom

Name: Danyel Reyes

School: Far Eastern University (Manila)

The design was inspired by the ever-growing evolution of our world where structures are continuously developing. I take my design as a contemporary design because the overall design was inspired by modern minimalist designs while still considering traditional building aspects that have proven great in quality.

The main target users of this design are small families living in a condominium in the metropolis where living spaces are very limited, that is why this bathroom was designed space-efficiently to maximize the utilization of the space. Each area within the space was designed to make bathroom activities as efficient and continuous as possible. Although the space was very narrow and limited, proper arrangement of fixtures was considered to fully utilize every space of the room.

My design definitely aligned with the theme for the chosen category because I take measures all the general requirements while maintaining and following building codes. I make sure that my design fulfills the theme of my chosen category without compromising basic design standards and principles for aesthetics.

Choosing the right product is one of the major steps in designing a space because these are the aspect of the space that users will be utilized the most. Choosing the best product for your design is significant because it becomes part of your whole design, thus it will add to the quality of the design. American Standard bathroom fixtures were really good to put in bathroom design not only because of its flawless and sophisticated designs but also because of the quality and the technologies it has that can make user’s activities efficient and at ease.