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3rd Prize


Name: Danielle Ann Balatan

School: University of Santo Tomas


What is the inspiration for your design?
Ever since the pandemic has started, the world has stopped to a halt. Businesses have shut down, and families stayed at home following the new normal protocols. The bustling life has users get stressed and all we need is a moment to “Breathe”. The inspiration for the design revolves around how the new normal affected the hotel and resort industry. Hotel bathrooms provide more than a bathroom, they are to provide unique experiences for each user, creating a general design yet considered for each user. The concept “Breathe” plays on incorporating a sustainable, relaxing, and hygienic bathroom design.

Who is the target user and how does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
The prime target of this bathroom design is users who need a quick escape from their daily stresses. Also to users who treat their hotel or resort rooms as their own small haven. The design focuses on relaxation, referring to the key concept “Breathe”, neutral colors, sensual curves, rain showers, and natural lighting add to the relaxation the user experiences. Each bathroom area focuses on how each user has different tastes, with the product choices and the design of the said bathroom creates a customized experience for each user.

How does the design fulfill the theme for the chosen category?
Reflecting on the concept “Breathe”, the bathroom design responds to three major keys: sustainability, hygiene, and relaxation. Sustainability focuses on the product choices and the addition of natural light into the overall design. Hygiene comes next, with solutions such as Microcement, which makes it easier to clean and less use of harsher chemicals that potentially harm users and the material itself. Rectified porcelain tiles are placed onto the flooring, with less grout space equates to less dirt build-up. We also considered especially touchless design in the basin area, as you can wash hands without touching anything. Last is to provide relaxation, focusing on creating a sensual open space, the play on curves, and overall, a smart bathroom

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
First, in the shower area, the EasySET product line was used to reflect the customized individuality in the bathroom design, as said before. Partnered with the Acacia Evolution Hand Shower and Showerhead to provide choices in the water settings, as well as sustainability for it saves water by 20%. The toilet area dons the PLAT Smart Toilet, as it reflects the aesthetics and modern design of the bathroom, with its play with curves, and the many features it provides according to the users’ needs. The third is the basin area with the Acacia SupaSleek Vessel, providing modern design whilst complimenting its partnered fitting, the Line Sensor Basin Faucet, which is a motion-activated faucet that supports the aim of having a touchless hygienic design in the basin area. Lastly, the accessories used are all from the Acacia Evolution line contributing to the overall simple bathroom design.