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Title: Araw't Gabi Day and Night

Name: Gillian Go

School: University of the Philippines Diliman

What is the inspiration for your design?
The inspiration of my design stems from the lack of importance we give to bathrooms. It is what starts and ends our day especially since hygiene is in our culture. During the pandemic, we have been stuck at home, and will continue to be especially if work allows it. The pandemic has also given us a sharp reminder that climate change is an issue not to be ignored further. This creates the need for an essential space like the bathroom to upgrade. Through this design, I want to solve the disparity between urbanization and the environment so that young families don’t have to compromise their future. Araw’t Gabi marries efficient use of space, innovation, energy-saving features and comfort because it is possible.

Who is the target user and how does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
The target users are young families with children living in high-rise condominiums. The design includes smart storage units that blend seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom. I personally do not live in a condominium, but a common response I got from friends and family who live in condominiums is the lack of storage spaces. In slide 10, I emphasized the design solutions I have made. First, there are the sleek pull-out type storage units for toiletries, clothes and the like. They come with a hook for the users to hang items. Next, there is the multipurpose vanity mirror that also doubles as a cabinet to store small items such as jewelry. The third would be the hidden washing machine which can be accessed by a sliding door. The top of this blends with the rest of the countertop. Furthermore, I have included a recession in the shower area for the user to place items they need while bathing.

How does the design fulfill the theme for the chosen category?
The design fulfills the theme of urbanization because it tackles most, if not all, problems associated with it. With urbanization, the price of land gets more expensive and more inaccessible to people. Thus, living spaces are getting smaller. Second, urban areas have a higher energy consumption compared to rural areas, and there is a disconnect from the natural environment. To save water, I would like to propose a system where the gray water from the sink, shower and washing machine can be reused to flush the toilet as it's the feature that consumes the most water. This system would be done for the whole condominium. Additionally, there is a 'psychological timba' (slide 10) that contains a set volume of water per day and decreases as users use more water. This would encourage users to be more mindful of the water they use.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
The toilet was the product I paid most attention to. I chose the Acacia Supasleek as it has water-saving features like the double vortex which creates a more powerful flush while using less water. Additionally, its wall hung design meant that it uses up less space. The Signature Bath & Shower mixer also has water-saving features. I chose the Acacia Supasleek vessel and basin mixer mostly for their aesthetic appeal because they looked clean, simple and befitting for a small space.