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1st Prize


Name: JR Caberte

School: University of Santo Tomas - Manila

BioPHi+LIVE Lving with Urban Sustainability & Environmental Consciousness

What is the inspiration for your design?
Biophi+Live, a word play between living with Biophilic and Sustainable design and urban living, was mainly inspired by the growing density in the urban landscape. With the seemingly unending growth of demand for housing and habitation, more often than not, design gets compromised – more specifically with the right for natural light and ventilation stemming from the assumption that such spaces (such as a bathroom) need not be designed with so much attention. And thus Biophi+Live, adapting principles of Biophilic design to bring in nature, closer to one’s home. With nature being the main inspiration, the design process has led to providing natural light, natural ventilation, and ample well-lit spaces for plants to thrive as primary consideration.

Who is the target user and how does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
The target user for this project are young couples on a work-from-home setup with children aged 4 to 8 years old. The design approach in its entire design process has always considered the workflow of all target users. With work-from-home couples having no time to go out to have their laundry done (along with the fear from going out from the recent pandemic) has led to designing a space allocated for laundry and even ironing. Charging portals as well were considered as people on a WFH setup are always on the need to multi-task. The emerging hobby (especially among Filipinos) from the pandemic has also caused a growing affinity for home gardening, and thus the space designed for plants to thrive. Children were also considered from integrating germ-spread inhibiting technologies, television entertainment, and a foot stool specifically designed in accordance with the bathroom's aesthetics.

How does the design fulfill the theme for the chosen category?
The theme for the entry, that is, urbanization, has been the main consideration for the initial steps for the design process. With spaces getting more constricted while sacrificing the need for natural light and ventilation, rapid urbanization has also caused for smaller design trends in the size of most condominium units. With the bathroom as the main focus, problems have been observed in current condominium conditions where due to busy schedules of today's condominium dwellers, clutter and disorganization from spaces with lacking allocation for the user's needs (such as proper space for a laundry/washing machine, space for indoor plants etc.) has not only led to eye sore within the entire condominium unit but also inefficient workflow within spaces (ie. laundry areas adjacent to kitchen/living space).And thus, the integration areas that complements the activities of the client to address rapid urbanization.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
American Standard has a vast collection of bathroom fixtures, accessories, and technologies. From the growing consciousness and importance people are giving out to hygiene in these recent times, American Standard products that feature touchless technology and antimicrobial features were thus considered. Additionally, with the design approach on aiming to exude the mood and tones of nature, a calming and spa-like atmosphere was also integrated with the biophilic intention for the interior's design. American Standard's product design, specifically with fixtures and accessories that features smooth, undulating, and sinuous curves were made to complement the ambience of care and relaxation.