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Grand Prize

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Title: Passive Cleaned Toilet - The most cleaned toilet

Name: Teeragiat Sukyoo

School: Assumption University

Many people have had the experience of using a bathroom at a resort or hotel that might create an unforgettable experience and even more in this era, discomfort in using the bathroom was also more increase. Bathroom design in the new normal era that ensures usability, and a unique user experience is created. We cannot force user behavior to be clean but create something that allow users to stay clean. A bathroom that is more than just a bath, used to relax, sit, think, work, etc., and what's important to use is cleanliness. For confidence in use, a bathroom where every detail has created to be clean and a function that allows for worry- free use has been created.

User Experience Research I spent as much time researching users as possible to make them meet and use them as a standard for hotel bathrooms. Also in this era, the contact area is another factor that must be concern. My inspiration is something that we experience together and close to us. Researching the most frequently used and dirtiest areas is important and I don't think we can force clean user behavior. But create something that allows users to stay clean.

To provide guests with the most confidence and comfort in their use, cleanliness, health and relaxation are my top priorities. When it comes to cleanliness and health, I am confident in the features of all the products that I put in it with the function of total cleanliness and air purification. The next part is about using it to attract guests. Plans where every point in the bathroom can see the outside area and activities that create a unique stay experience.

Cleanliness is followed by usability. I focus a lot on cleanliness. I choose materials and products with cleanliness properties to guarantee better health. In addition, the placement of various sanitary ware areas according to importance to facilitate and guarantee increased cleanliness. I intend to give users the confidence to use this toilet as much as possible and enjoyed the experience that I put into it. Finally, convenient to use for guests to have a best rest.

Mostly collection of Acacia Evolution that prevent and anti-bacteria. In terms of aesthetics and functionality,The roundness of the shape of the sanitary feels more relaxed and easy to clean. Different materials that can anti-bacteria and purify the air. The size of the large tiles reduces the visibility of tiles grout that have the opportunity to accumulate germs and the image of black stains. I use white to increase the distribution and amount of sunlight to reduce humidity and disinfect thoroughly and to be able to observe any abnormalities from the body. The counter and glass are coated by copper film help disinfect from touch.