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Runner Up


Title: touch of I!”&ASJK

Name: Auttapon Pongcharoenpit

School: Songkla University

Design story?
We noticed that excellent health and cleanliness affected bathroom design by offering door-free access to the bathroom, avoiding exposure, and providing open space, based on the chosen topic of Health & Well-Being. In two ways, the environment formed demonstrates that space perceptive capability will shift.

What was your design inspired by?
While using the toilet, the light that touches the body.

Who is your target audience?
And how will this design fulfill the needs of this group of users?
A group of people vacationing in a resort or hotel area.

How does this design work according to the theme given for your chosen design problem?
The major topic of numerous design controls in decreasing touch and space for simplicity of use and freedom of usage will be health and well-being.

How will the products you choose help your design meet your desired goals?
The fact that American Standard products have a suitable design that is beautiful and helps create an atmosphere in which to enjoy the happiness of the bathroom is considered an advantage.