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2nd Prize


Title: TO / IL / ET

Name: Thadtham Semaeakarat

School: Chulalongkorn University

What has inspired your design?
This design is inspired by the pain points of people living in condominiums who usually enter and leave their home at the same time, meaning each individual’s time to use the bathroom is scarce as space is limited and there can only be one bathroom. Especially with the proposition of families with 3 members and one of them is a child with uncertain bathroom usage. Generally, if there’s high need for the bathroom, occupants might need to set a time limit, which makes people always hurry, and someone might have to wake up earlier and go to sleep later so others can use the bathroom, which might be for the greater good but may cause unease between the occupants.

Who are your target group and how will your design fulfil the target group’s needs?
TO / IL / ET’s target group are condominium residents, from smaller ones starting at 20 square meters to larger ones. This design is made not just to save space, but also to deliver good bathroom experiences through a natural light channel that can be opened for ventilation and designation of various areas in the bathroom for relaxation and reduction of work stress.

How does this design go in conjunction with the specified theme for the design proposition that you have chosen?
TO / IL / ET has reinterpreted the proposition’s theme of urbanization through 2 points: living in a densely populated urban area makes each square inch important and extremely valuable, so the design seeks to maximize the usage potential of the space, in both the space itself and the time of occupation by making the bathroom usable by multiple occupants at once, making the most of the space available. Another point is living and working in a city is tiresome, so bathroom has become one of the few relaxing places where you can truly be yourself, so this design seeks to create a nice, relaxing, and clean atmosphere.

How do your chosen products help your design achieving the intended goal?
The chosen products are simplistic, less but more, sculptural, elevated, have few edges, have near-zero nooks and crannies that are hard to clean, making the residents certain that when they use the bathroom, they will feel relaxed, not having to worry about cleaning or any dirty spots lurking around the bathroom. Another important point is the aesthetics of the products, which elevates the bathroom from just a part of a living space into a truly integral, important part of a home.