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Name: Piyapat Piriyapanyaporn

School: Chulalongkorn University

Nowadays, residentials are getting smaller and smaller ; furthermore, more employers have switched to remote working. As a result, bathroom has become one of the busiest areas in the house. Therefore, it has to meet the needs of living as much as possible. The concept 'SEAMLESS' focus on 3 points in the matter of Activities, Space and Materials in order to present a new style of bathroom that meets the lifestyle of users.

The concept of Seamless is an inspiration from the Studio S toilet, a one-piece toilet with a modern and seamless design, and the usage characteristics of users who want convenience, and uninterrupted flow of usage to help them saving times.

Our target users is a group of family with children who need convenience for their living. The problem of using the bathroom in a family with many members is having to wait in line to use the bathroom. Waiting people waste their time while people who is using the bathroom have to hurry so they don’t have a quality time using the bathroom. The design divides the bathroom into 3 parts: shower, toilet and basin area, so that all members will be able to do their activities at the same time.

1. SEAMLESS Activities : Because of limitation of typical bathroom, members have to wait in line to use the bathroom. Putting bathroom at the center of the house provides easy access. And dividing the bathroom into 3 parts following the functions make the most efficient usage.
2. SEAMLESS Space : “Flow of Space” Lose the image of the typical bathroom by providing no door bathroom to connect bathroom with other spaces.
3. SEAMLESS Materials : Use seamless materials to help reduce the gap which is the source of germs and bacteria. And use translucent materials to bring the light into the space while also providing privacy for the users