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1st Prize


Title: Term Tem

Name: Somyos Wiangkamfa

School: Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (Payap Campus)

More people are now living in shelters. And with insufficient living space, I designed a bathroom with a variety of functions to fill the teme. What's missing, the bathroom may not just use the bathroom anymore.

What was your design inspired by?
People's daily routines change.

Who are your target users and how can this design fulfill the needs of this group of users?
The user group is the family group. Parents and children due to the current situation have led to more residents staying. Insufficient usable space So our designs are designed to complement these groups of people.

How does this design meet the themes you choose?
Full space utilization in confined spaces To meet the daily routine of the user.

How do the products you choose contribute to your designs meeting your goals?
Convenient operation and meet the needs of the user.