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Title: “FULL LIFE” Let your every day be filled with beautiful, cool and modern designs

Name: Nattharika Pongsai

School: Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (Payap Campus)

Increased urbanization has made the area of housing smaller. People turned their attention to technology. Emphasis on beauty, modernity and complete facilities. is the origin of“ Bathroom design with limited space. to make it look more open and wide without limitations” with a design that is beautiful, cool and modern, responding to the use of every gesture Like all genders and ages according to the Concept Full Life for your every day to be fulfilled. with a beautiful, cool and modern design

What was your design inspired by?
Modern Style has a distinctive identity. Stick to the simplicity and emphasizes the use of geometric shapes, combined with luxury style, although there is not much space But it can be decorated in a luxurious and modern style. can meet the needs of today's users

Who is your target audience? And how will this design fulfill the needs of this group of users?
Young families with children aged 4-8 years.

How does this design work according to the theme given for your chosen design problem?
It is a bathroom design with limited usable space, wide open, beautiful, cool and modern, able to provide comprehensive facilities. Meet the needs of every movement

How will the products you choose help your design meet your desired goals?
It is comfortable to use in the urban lifestyle. Modern design outstanding from every angle with a design that emphasizes luxury, cool and modern, complete facilities Meet the needs of the new family