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3rd Prize


Name: Wisarut Patcharanuchat

School: Khon Kaen University

Condominium (High-rise) Bathroom

Bathrooms are another important part of human daily life. Both are the beginnings of everyday life. and is a space for purification and relaxation. In order for the body to be refreshed both physically and mentally, so in the design of the bathroom of a condominium that is developing into an urban society plus limited space that require complete and convenient use But it's still modern and meets the needs of all genders and ages. and in accordance with the use of the current social conditions

Inspired by bringing up the mood of rustic rustic style. “Old American bathrooms” and urban luxury come together to give urban residents a rural feel.

- It is a design that mainly considers the usable area.
- It is a design that takes into account the practicality of today's society.
- It is designed with different age ranges of users in mind.

The product is simple and modern, which enhances the design of the rustic-style bathroom according to the design theme to make it look more luxurious in harmony with the modern urban society.In addition, the product is modern and space-saving, making it possible to design useful spaces that are worthwhile.