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2nd Prize



Name: Jaridar Phandontree

School: Assumption University

What is the inspiration of your design?
This design was inspired by Foggy morning because Due to the past covid-19 situation, people have to distance themselves from tourism, so the theme of the bathroom atmosphere is simulated and want the user to feel the feeling of fresh air in the morning. Experience the foggy that floats in the sky, It was like liberating suffering with the foggy surrounding.

Who is your target audience? how will this design fulfill the needs of this group of users?
The main target group is a group of users who go to a hotel for recreation, location of the hotel may not be in the area where you can see the foggy like on the mountain. So I want to simulate creating an atmosphere in the bathroom to make it bright in the morning.

How does the design follows the theme that is determined by the design you choose?
For the design, use bright white tones and use material have the same tone on the wall, floor, and ceiling to be harmonious, creating a feeling amid the foggy and using lighting techniques to make them feel bright.

How will the products you choose help your design meet your desired goals?
Sanitary ware, the Studio S Toilet, is very responsive to my design theme. It looks modern and helps to design the bathroom to be more outstanding.