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Title: “ZENTSU” Bathroom for boutique hotel

Name: Sirapravit Na nakorn

School: King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

What was your design inspired by?
"Stone Garden of Tranquility and the relaxation of the hot springs.” The main idea of the design of this work consists of two main keywords. Including rock gardens and hot springs (or Onsen in Japanese) and the bathroom is decorated in a Japanese style. By using the main materials as wooden slats that line the walls and floors, marble, and granite, decorated with small plants such as bonsai trees, combining modern luxury as well. With the use of modern American standard furniture and lighting that gives users a sense of elegance in simplicity. The introduction of the rock garden was the first design idea. is to use the stillness of the stone and the sway of the leaves to make the bathroom interior look balanced not hardened and not too delicate the second concept is hot springs. The designers envisioned the relaxation in the Mood and Tone of Japanese hot springs. thus, creating an atmosphere in the bathroom that is like a hot spring to allow users to relax on this simplicity.

Who is your target audience? And how will this design fulfill the needs of this group of users?
The target audience is guests or tourists who stay in the hotel. Principles of design for users to relax and want to use the bathroom as much as possible by decorating and creating a relaxing atmosphere inside. and pleasant to use with modern sanitary products

How does this design work according to the theme given for your chosen design problem?
The theme chosen for the contest is the Health and Well-Being category. Zentsu is designed to give users a feel of restroom decoration over time. By decorating it with the natural elements such as trees, stones, a form that looks natural and uncertain but calm,

How can the product you choose help your design achieve your desired goals?
American standard products are designed with a modern yet simple design. which when used in conjunction with a room designed to be calm and warm make the bathroom more usable which creates warmth in Japanese style and modernity Modern with people in this era who want convenience and modernity without the stress of the user.