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1st Prize


Name: Chheng Panharith

School: Tianjin University

The Vogue

What is the inspiration for your design?
I am very interested in the topic of architecture contests. I believe it’s a platform in which architects can originate changes in our society; that is why I decided to participate in the Asda competition. Nevertheless, my design inspiration comes from most contemporary architecture shows and how materials can refine the design methodology. Furthermore, the style that I use for my bathroom design is that I want the user to feel modish design with a sophisticated way of using marble as flooring and wall cover.

Who is the target user and how does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
By all means, the target user for my particular design is according to the competition's specific requirement, which is to design a high-rise condominium residential bathroom for young families with kids. And the way I plan out is to develop the height of all equipment, so both parents and children can comfortably use all the functions in the bathroom. Moreover, I also try to maximize the space that allows all the functions in the bathroom to fit in together nicely and make the bathroom space very multi-functional.

How does the design fulfill the theme for the chosen category?
First of all, I have considered the design theme about urbanization. So, the way I played with the materials and the color dark and bright scheme can influence how the small bathroom space can feel spacious. In addition to that, I use dark marble flooring and white marble wall panel as the design core elements. These two materials can modify the user's mood to make them feel very aesthetic and luxurious, which is very suitable for the modern condominium lifestyle.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
From my point of view, I would like to say that the usage of different types of products can provide numerous ways of possibilities which influence the outcome of the design. However, we have to take this into deep consideration to understand and be conscious of which product is more suitable in our design and how it can fit the role of the function that we set it in. Moreover, we also have to empathize with the dimension, height, and other requirements that can provide benefits and are simple for everyday activities.