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National Representative


Title: The Oasis

Name: UCH Yuvanara

School: American University of Phnom Penh

What is the inspiration for your design?
Since the beginning of the Pandemic, the problem of good hygiene has been practiced by everyone, bathroom is probably the most cautious area to most people during this period. It has become a problem since bathroom require privacy & privacy deprived the designers of good ventilation & hygiene. Therefore, this design will emphasis on the issue of ventilation & good hygiene of bathroom that is shared in the context of hospitality. The outcome of this design is a bathroom that is like an oasis of the Pandemic world. The design itself features the clear separation of wet & dry area to maintain good hygiene, the shape or surface that ease the cleaning process, & the reconnection with nature that brings healing to the mind of the users.

Who is the target user and how does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
The target user of this design are working adults or middle age people who work tirelessly from day to day and looking for a short escape or business trip to a resort out of town to refill & regain energy. The design offers them a relaxing experience at a resort of a single story in which bathroom is filled with replenishment like an oasis on a desert. The design features a contrasting tone of grey with variety of modern tones, giving off peaceful sensation perfectly fit for the vacation trip. The indoor area of the bathroom is clean with no wetness on the floor while the outdoor shower area is well intergrated with nature elevating the relaxing atmosphere. A shower itself helps people relax, feel cleaned & replenished, this bathroom design however, give more than a physical replenishment but also spiritual replenishment by the nature.

How does the design fulfill the theme for the chosen category?
The design aims at providing the user with health & well-being, in addition to that, it does not only promote physical health but also elevating the spiritual health of the users as well. The indoor area is dry & all of the fixture are lifted from the floor for easier cleaning to achieve good hygiene. there is a designed space for containing a dirty or used towel, plus the ventilaiton is well considered. The outdoor shower area is decorated with plants, flowers, natural stone & rocks, giving back the nature connection to the space. In addition to that, the roof is exposed to the sky allowing natural settings in & out to clean the space of germs naturally by the sun light.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
There are six products of ASDA used in this design. First & most important is the spalet, e.ssential Wall-hung Shower Toilet (KIT), which is crusual in maintaining the dryness & good hygiene of the indoor area. The Wall-Hung Toilet L555 x W376 x H360mm by Acacia SupaSleek is produced with latest technology especially the comfort clean that effectively eliminates E. coli bacteria and other harmful bacteria. Another product from Acacia SupaSleek used in this design is Vessel 550mmL380 x W550 x H110mm with its sleek & elegant looks that sits well with the horizontal timber counter. The faucet on top of the vessel is KASTELLO Wall Mounted Vessel Mixer that is concealed inside the wall giving a horizontal look to the entire basin area. Signature Concealed Shower Mixer is used for shower area & Signature Wall Mount Basin Mixer With Pop-Up Drain is used as bathtub faucet.