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3rd Prize


Title: Mini Secret Base

Name: Naphatchanan Chokthananitinan

School: Khon Kaen University

What is the inspiration for your design?
Because everyone has to work or study hard all day. If you have a quiet place where you can be alone without anyone disturbing you, that would be great. Bring the point to the idea of a secret base that everyone used to have when they were children. used in designing this piece.

How does the design fulfill the need of the target users?
Users can use the bathroom as a resting place. and calm the mind without anyone disturbing and create an experience that is unlike any other bathroom at home But it also has the comforts of home. Which is the need of those who want to relax. and create new inspiration with exotic spaces

How does the design fulfill the design challenge?
The challenge of this challenge is to design a space that makes you feel relaxed in the bathroom. You have to divide things up well to reduce the factors that disturb your rest. whether it is humidity or people rushing to line up to use the bathroom.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
American Standard sanitary ware has a modern design. There is an odor reduction function that will help make the bathroom pleasant to use. And can rest for a long time without worrying about the smell together with providing convenience and solving problems that meet the needs of consumers.