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2nd Prize


Title: O-BATH: Optimal Bathroom

Name: Irenea Ayu Indira Kusuma Wardani

School: Atma Jaya University, Yogyakarta

What is the inspiration for your design?
Design is something that continuously evolves and is unique. The inspiration for this bathroom stems from the issues it aims to address in its design. These include creating a warm atmosphere to evoke a sense of comfort, freshness, and to fulfill the longing for a homely ambiance. The layout design also needs to be effective, providing ease of use and creating a space that allows for easy movement, considering users of various age groups, including children, the elderly, and those with disabilities. Therefore, O-Bath room encapsulates these elements within a single space consisting of four areas with diverse functions, allowing for optimal use of the toilet. Some individuals who have seen this design have remarked, "The toilet is very comfortable and truly rejuvenates the eyes through its combination of materials and colors. The room's functionality is also highly effective with a variety of innovations provided."

How does the design fulfill the need of the target users?
The design and facilities take into account the needs and challenges typically faced by children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Therefore, it incorporates four areas into one space to provide maximum facility and flexibility. The room, which is not cramped, helps a variety of users, especially those with disabilities, to move freely and safely. All furniture has rounded edges to ensure safety for young children and is equipped with handrails to assist the elderly and people with disabilities in using the bathroom.

How does the design fulfill the design challenge?
Designing for a multi-generational family living under one roof presents an intriguing design challenge. In this context, the design must balance the needs of both older and younger generations. To maximize space efficiency, the bathroom incorporates four areas: the shower area, basin area, toilet, and an innovative relaxation area that can be used for activities such as reading while soaking feet, washing clothes, and sitting down. The facilities/furniture are also flexible, allowing them to be opened and closed as needed (using folding techniques). Ventilation and natural lighting by using large windows are prioritized (also adding exhaust) to help maintain a dry environment, thus imparting a clean and luxurious ambiance.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
The chosen product provides optimal functionality for multi-generational families, enhancing the bathroom design's flexibility and overall pleasantness. It facilitates harmonious sharing of the space among different generations living under one roof.
These selected products also simplify cleaning, eliminate germs and bacteria, offer user-friendly operation, and allow easy water temperature adjustment, resulting in a bathroom design that is truly flexible, hygienic, safe, ergonomic, and satisfying.