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2nd Prize


Title: Multigenerational Bathroom, The Flexible Era

Name: Beverly Windsor

School: Raffles Design Institute

What is the inspiration for your design?
Incorporating flexible design to multigenerational homes can meet the needs of different generations living together while simultaneously aiding independence and accessibility, with spaces that adapt and evolve as families grow and get older. Designing a bathroom space for various generations to fill their own needs is the highlight of why flexibility is chosen. A flexible space design is ideal within the limited space to save up the limited space and make it multi-purpose.

How does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
By having the limited space, it is important to be as flexible as possible. To create a fun environment for the young ones, I have decided to create a hidden bathtub underneath the shower area, just by flipping the 2 anti slip wooden shower mat. By having the sliding mirror partition, it could separate the shower area to be more private, incase the toilet and basin is used by the guest as the powder room. Additionally, by using mirror for the partition, it could also make the space be more spacious. Customizing a movable stool under the basin so that the kids could reach the basin, and as a footrest. It’s a fact too that stepping on a stool/footrest while having a number 2 is healthier and a better position.

How does the design fulfill the design challenge?
The aesthetic implied is inspired by the coral reef. It’s a fact that a resilient coral reef has high levels of diversity which creates what’s known as “functional redundancy”. Correlating its diversity and flexibility creates multipurpose space design. Where the right side of the wall is a gradient blue wallpaper depicting the deep ocean. The shower area mostly use peachy toned stone tile to have a hint of the sands underneath the sea. The built in cabinets and the ceiling is a solid coral color to imply the coral reef feeling. The built in cabinets has this different organic shapes design to indicate the abstractness of the coral. Lastly, I used a sustainable timber terrazzo for the flooring.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
By using the Smart Toilet (Auto Seat and Music Function) it creates an excitement and pleasing pleasure to all the generations by having the unique feature, adapting on the flexibility of the modern culture. Its is very important to put some grab bar for adding the elderly’s security and confidence in the toilet area by reducing the risk of falling. The other products too give some soothe feeling since it blends with the aesthetic and make the space more uncluttered.