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2nd Prize


Title: BeYOU.nd: A MultiGenerational Bathroom

Name: Apryl Precious Gem Estavillo

School: University of Northern Philippines

What is the inspiration for your design?
Bathrooms have become an essential part of our life, wherein it develops and changes as our life changes as time passes by, which serve as the foundation for my design inspiration. I came up with the concept beyond the boundary entitled “beyou.nd” where nd stands for no date, which features timeless usage and design of the bathroom. With the timeless as inspiration, the utilization of white was the primary color used which evokes purity, simplicity, and cleanliness. White can be seen as a natural, uncluttered palette that aids in contrast, draws focus to particular features, and keeps a design from being overloaded. With the wall colored as white and with minimal design, this will serve as a giant canvas for the family for them to fill the bathroom with their own color, stories, and experiences regardless of their generation.

How does the design fulfill the need of the target users?
Considering all the needs of the family members, the design makes sure that the bathroom has these three considerations; safety, convenience, and ambiance. Since the bathroom caters to different generations, safety was one of the main priorities. The choice of materials as well as the presence of smooth edges were carefully selected to serve and ensure the best quality to provide a secure and clean space. Convenience was also considered for accessibility and comfort of the family. Handrails, grab bars, step stools, sufficient spaces, and large openings were measured for easy access and to provide support, especially to the elders. Lastly, to complete the design of the bathroom, ambiance was also considered making the room refreshing, and relaxing, and expressing the character and atmosphere of the space. With these three considerations, overall, the bathroom will not only deliver aesthetic but also function.

How does the design fulfill the design challenge?
Since there is a lot to consider from spaces to materials to the users, from their activities inside the bathroom to the planning, this provides us a better look at how we should address or approach this problem. Bathrooms are not just a room it’s a spaces where we start and end the day, it’s part of our life where we can be free and be our greatest hiding spot to escape. The bathroom’s simplicity highlights its modernity yet the appearance of the vertical slats and old rose color accent breakthrough shows classicism and elegance. In addition, light shelf were provided to reflect natural sunlight around the room and to give a warm ambiance. So, instead of designing it only for the users, it was designed also for its purpose to be appealing and inviting not just to achieve to offer it to multigenerational but also to be multifunctional.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
American Standard is one of the best and leading brands that set the standard to the next level for plumbing and building products. For over the years, their products ensure that it provides the best quality performance and are convenient to keep up with the constant changes from generation to generation. Considering the small space of the bathroom, flexible and multifunctional products were used to save and consume space. The products make the room complete which emphasizes and contributes a big impact to the design that fulfills the bathroom to be as one. They were carefully selected based on their features and the qualities of what they can bring to the family and what they need to make them comfortable. For the family, regardless of age, to have a great experience, to feel free, to feel joy and love, the space will embody the true essence of thoughtful design.