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2nd Prize


Name: Sarah Binnabhan

School: Taylor's University


What is the inspiration for your design?
My inspiration for this design is the organic shape from water movement and sea shells as the spiral shape. they naturally provide space and give isolation somewhat, which is what I wanted to show in the bathroom, my family, as it contains people of all ages, from the elderly to children where I want to divide the spaces into zones in an innovative and elegant way to make it The place can be used by more than one person to solve the problem of Inconsistency in using the bathroom in the large family I also made priority for the elderly, and kids as the bathroom is equipped with safety equipment for them. The curved design and the materials used made the place elegant and distinctive to solve the problem of the family bathroom, which usually lacks an aesthetic sense. and brings spa vibes and a touch of the outside, inside.

How does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
I wanted to create a bathroom that would make family and guests feel cosy, stylish, and relaxing while still being practical. Complete hygiene has been taken into account in the bathroom's design.. in combination with the preparation and placement of the materials. Even tiles with moisture control, anti-bacterial, and negative ion qualities. To provide an integrated bathroom that meets all family needs while also being aesthetically pleasing and keeping in mind the safety of all family members, especially the elderly and kids where the unity slip tiles been installed as well as ramp with LED, hand grab and the foldable chair etc.

How does the design fulfill the design challenge?
The design combines practicality, multifunctionality, and the aesthetic aspect to family comfort of all ages. The challenge is to combine these three points in one design and think about solving all problems, taking into account the safety and comfort of the elderly and children, the non angled bathroom design make it unique as well as give spacious and more privacy to the bathroom especially the location of the bathroom in the middle of the house, making it easy to reach for every one in the house.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
The products contributed greatly to defining the design and the scope of the many choices, which gave me the ease of choosing what suits the design in terms of functionality modernity and shape , such as the signature product like the visual basin I used the Aqua Ceramic marital make it Super hydrophilic and prevents dirt and suet the design nicely .the Plat 4 Smart Toilet I choose It contains features such as auto flash and auto seat and cover essential for the elderly , kids or the special need Where they do not need to bend over and are easy for young children, as it kept the place sterile and clean at all times furthermore in the shower area the foldable seat is Essential for the elderly and special needs to seat and shower safely.