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3rd Prize


Title: A Timeless Interval

Name: Shi Ying Chua

School: University of Science Malaysia

What is the inspiration for your design?
Given the rising urbanization, this design aims to accommodate multigenerational families who live in high-rise residences with limited space. The word 'timeless' refers to something that is unaffected by the passage of time. Through the design of the bathroom, the designer intends to convey the concept of timelessness by ensuring that users of any ages can enjoy using the space without obstruction of physical limitation. Home should be a sanctuary where people can feel secure, unrestricted, and completely at ease. Users can have a timeless interval in the bathroom. The design emphasizes simplicity, comfort, functionality, and sustainability to present timelessness and get equipped for a changing lifestyle in the future.

How does the design fulfill the need of the target user?
The size of all equipment are carefully planned to provide a comfortable height to accommodate all family members. For young kids to reach the basin, a portable stand stool is supplied. It can be removed once it is no longer required to earn more space. Mirror storage cabinet offers ample storage for multigeneration families and declutter the space. Frosted glass partitions and doors divide the bathroom into three areas to enable for the simultaneous and independent usage while guaranteeing privacy in order to address the issue of family members scrambling for bathroom access during the busiest time, usually in the morning before they start the day. 4 people can access the 6.9 sqm bathroom at once without feeling crowded.

How does the design fulfill the design challenge?
The bathroom design is relatively minimal to declutter the space in order to create a feeling of spaciousness and ease the cleaning work. Instead of surrounded by walls in the bathroom, large window introduce views and daylight to provide moments of serenity and relaxation. There are 2 ways of using the bathroom which are the “simultaneous and independent usage” and “me-time usage”. The “simultaneous and independent usage” is an ideal solution for small space housing to avoid conflicts, being efficient and save times during the busiest time as well as synchronizing the routine of family. However, “me –time usage” allows individuals to wind down and enjoy using the bathroom alone in a completely relaxation after a long day

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
There are 9 products chosen for this project. To safeguard the health, safety, and comfort of elderly, adults, and young kids, these products are selected with functionality and ergonomics in account. The contemporary and sleek look of sanitary ware gives the bathroom a timeless aesthetic. Considering of the safety of elderly, grab bars are installed in the shower area and toilet area. Among the products chosen, the Smart Toilet is a good fit for this project as it not only cater for female needs but also offers numerous features including auto seat and flashing which ensure hygiene and liberate the hands of users. It has a music feature that makes using the bathroom more enjoyable.