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2nd Prize


Title: A Safe Haven, A Place To Unwind

Name: Inesse Soussi

School: Swinburne University of Technology

What is the inspiration for your design?
Safety was the first word that came to mind when reading the brief. One of the of the words that associate with safety is curves as they have no sharp edges and link to softness and direction which is why I wanted to implement that specific feature in my design. In addition, I wanted to incorporate something that relates to Australia and that is where I had thought about Australian landscape colours which would suit the theme that I was going for. Therefore, I wanted to create a safe and functional space fused with pops of colour derived from the Australian landscape that would fulfill a multi generational family's wants and needs.

How does the design fulfill the need of the target users?
Before starting the design phase, I had done some research on what needs to be included in a functional bathroom and what would children and the elderly need in order to create a safe space for them. That is where I had outlined features that would need to be included and others that need to be prevented. For example: I had eliminated any glass screens such as shower screens as the elderly might be vision impaired and can easily bump into the glass wall and get hurt (same goes for children). As a solution, I had created a normal tiled partition wall with curved edges that would create some sort of support and eliminate the possibility of getting hurt.Etc

How does the design fulfill the design challenge?
The proposed design does not only focus on the functionality of a standard bathroom but it also takes into consideration all types of people and what their needs are along with the emphasis on emotional design through creating a specific atmosphere in the space. It is a place that welcomes all generations and serves as a safe haven.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
The products chosen have technology advanced features that suit the users such as the temperature-controlled shower mixer from Australian Standard which would prevent anyone from getting scalded by hot water and is a safer alternative from your standard shower mixers. One of the other products that really have an impact on my design is the studio S powerflo tankless toilet as it has a slow-close seating cover which prevents children from getting their fingers hurt and its height is suitable for the elderly, pregnant and disabled along with its aesthetics that compliments the curved features in my proposed design.