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3rd Prize


Title: Metamorphic Home

Name: Peter Shanahan

School: Monash University

What is the inspiration for your design?
The design is inspired by the hollowing out of sandstone caves, creating enclosed spaces where one feels safe and secure. The bathroom draws on this with its various stone materials and the flow of water across its stone basin. The shower area mimics the deepest point of the cave with one emerging from the shower into a brighter and larger space evoking a sense of awe as the light ripples through the glass blocks.

How does the design fulfill the need of the target users?
The design maximises accessibility through the addition of the dual height bench for children or adults, grab rails and shower seating for the elderly, as well as easily accessible shelves for all heights. This has the added benefit of improving the convenience of the space for all household members. The design mitigates the need for an elderly person to bend down, or a child to stand on their toes to reach something. The design also allows for multiple people to be in the space at one time, encouraging its shared use and further enhancing convenience.

How does the design fulfill the design challenge?
The design creates spaces that cater for each member of the home without impeding on other’s needs. This promotes the shared use of the bathroom with a focus on ergonomics, safety and convenience. The design also maximises hygiene and promotes health in the multigenerational home through its product choice and easy to clean surfaces, minimising the build up of bacteria in difficult to reach places. The result is a well loved space that all members of the family can grow to appreciate.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
The use of American Standard products allows the bathroom to maximise its safety for all participants as well as reduce the transmission of illness and germs. The temperature of all faucets is kept to a safe level thanks to the EasySet Thermoguard technology. The use of the Touchless Toilet system, Easyflo faucet, and Slim Washer 3 bidet also promotes minimal contact with surfaces and potential germs. This maximises the hygiene of the space while making it more convenient and safer for household members with lower mobility.