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1st Prize


Title: Home Within Home. The cure to your worries and stress

Name: Azra Hrnjic

School: Griffith University

What is the inspiration for your design?
I wanted the space to be low-maintenance and evoke a sense of calm, mitigating any chaos that may arise in a multigenerational home. My main concerns were cleanliness, safety and convenience. Which have been addressed through using a minimal design that is easy to navigate, clean, and maintain, materials that are robust and provide the correct safety measures, and amenities that cater to a vast age range. Guaranteeing everyone in the home can use the space with comfort and ease.

How does the design fulfill the need of the target users?
The design was highly concerned with the way in which large families move through and utilize a bathroom, as well as the varying physical capabilities in a multigenerational home. As the bathroom is only 7 sqm, it is important to optimize space, however I did not want to compromise on the convenience and safety for families with elderly and young kids. Features such as the sunken bath that is separated from the shower is an example of this. As well as the double vanity and open plan which allows multiple family members to enjoy the space at one time without it feeling overcrowded. The minimal design also helps open the space and optimize cleanliness, all while providing a pleasant aesthetic appearance.

How does the design fulfill the design challenge?
The design boasts appropriate amenities that delivers a convenient and safe space for the whole family, while still allowing for a pleasing aesthetic that will attract consumers. The bathroom is the space in which one starts and ends their day and as such I want consumers to be excited to use the space. Using biophilic and phenomenological design principles, I was able to design a space that anyone will feel good in. The natural light eases you into the morning, rejuvenating you. While the soft and warm colour palette evokes a sense of calm and relaxation – helping you wind down and forget your worries.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
More family members inevitably means more water usage and mess. The selected American Standard products help address the needs of family members in a multigenerational home due to their water saving features and sleek designs. Which help reduce shower times and water usage, while also optimizing cleanliness and thus creating a space that is easier to clean and maintain. Further contributing to the purpose of the design as they make for a more convenient and functional space that will be appreciated and loved by everyone in the family.