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1st Prize


Title: Safare

Name: Riya Awati

School: Gogte Institute of Technology

What is the inspiration for your design?
Muqarnas- a form of ornamented vaulting in Islamic architecture . Muqarnas can often be seen on flat surfaces and crown doors, mihrab quarters, transition elements, and balconies. Generally bathroom ceilings are left unnoticed , this wood cladded ceiling installation gives a element of surprise .The color palette of the bathroom is carefully decided with light color scheme to emphasize more on the ceiling . Toilet and shower area are open from above to feel the visual continuity of the ceiling .

How does the design fulfill the need of the target users?
Considering the users , all the heights in the bathroom which are the basin ,rack ,door handle are reachable by adults and children . There are handles provided in the bathroom for safety of the elderly . Considering the usage of the bathroom it needs to have separated toilet and bathroom for more people to use at once. Providing a siting space for the bathroom is necessary considering the elderly ,when the bathroom is full one can sit in the veranda outside.

How does the design fulfil the design challenge?
Here the design is modifiable. when there are children in the house ,the design approach should be free flowing instead of rigid having one enclosed block of space ,this creates easy movement all throughout the space. When the bathroom is being used by more people ,the doors of the bathroom entrance can be opened and placed seamlessly into the wall to make it a open space used by everyone . User can access the whole bathroom by closing both the doors.

How does the choice of products contribute to the purpose of the design?
By using Acacia Evolution Vortex Wall Hung 3/4.5l Comp Set Wt maximum space can be utilized in the toilet ,the sleek look of the product goes hand in hand with the design. Use of touch less faucet helps in effortless use. Sometimes young kids can not seem to reach the faucet handle ,use of this touchless faucet tackles this issue. Also helps to save water which is very crucial problem around the world. Basin and shower are chosen to match with the users needs and also to match with the overall scheme of the bathroom.