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Giải Khuyến Khích


Tiêu đề: Urbanization: City Upside Down

Tên: Nitchanan Kasisedapan

Trường: King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

Nowadays, the urban society become larger than the past. Residences and functional usage are going to be in vertical. Many buildings in city are developed their appearance in terms of architecture and lighting. This design was inspired by the growth of urban society, which has been endless developed. The upside-down style concept represents an escape way from chaotic of urban society into peaceful and relaxing space such as the bathroom in the residence.

A new generation family with children aged 4-8 years who need the space for many purposes. The selected products are highly secure. For example, Rain shower is equipped with thermostatic mixing valve that can provide constant water temperature, and prevent scolding to the user. The temperature of the lighting inside the room provides warmth vibes to give a sense of relaxation after a long day of work. The layout of sanitary ware is compact. There is much convenient and comfortable space that make the user relax.

Shrinking the cityscape into a small area such as the ceiling by turning it upside down to see the urban society through the light and reduced shape into geometry form but still able to recognize the growth of the urban society which not visible at eye level. During the day or night, High- rise buildings always turn on the lights inside their buildings which users can perceive those lights through the appearance of buildings and cityscapes. The planes are divided into white and black. White represents daylight for early morning preparations. Black represents the night for relaxing during the night. A white line is chosen on the black plane that resembles a water which corresponding to the area to clean and create relaxation for users.

The new gerneration family needs more comfort and simplicity. The facuet at the vanity counter can be used and adjusted the water temperature easily. The water temperature of Rain shower can be controled and adjusted to suit the user requirement and also prevent scaldding. The appearance of the water closet is nice and compact. It can save installation space when compared to other conventional toilet bowls which provide more usable space and able to place effectively in the bathroom. The water closet design that can be opened and closed smoothly doesn’t cause harmful to the user. The design of the sanitary ware is simple which consistent with the design of the bathroom area as well.